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Email resendA lot of people wonder whether they should resend emails if they were not opened the first time. The short answer is simple; yes, you should resend emails to people who did not open them. Resending your emails has a number of benefits, but the primary benefit is increasing your open rates, thereby increasing your return on investment. It is important to learn the following email marketing tips that can turn unopened emails into opened. Let’s explore this email marketing tactic that can help you improve your email marketing strategies.

1 Rewrite The Subject Line To Make It Memorable And Catchy.
The subject line is the most important part of any email. It captures the reader’s attention and gives them incentive to open your email. Keep it short and sweet. Shorter subject lines don’t get cut off and can peak your audience’s curiosity, inciting more opens. Prior to sending, create split tests to determine what your audience responds to. By changing the subject line for the second sending, you can improve the chances that they may find the second subject line more interesting.
2 Carefully Craft Your Email Preheader Text.
Email preheader text is another part of email that you can modify in order to improve your click through rates the second time you send your emails. The very first text in the email is used to generate email preheader text. That is why it is so important that you pay attention to the opening sentence of your email. It should be memorable and meaningful. Ideally, it should also mention something that the consumer can identify with. So it can be something personal that an individual has experienced in his life. It can also include a short but engaging summary of email contents.
3 Change The Time When You Send Your Emails.
Resending the unopened emails at different times can have a huge impact on your click through rates. You may catch your audience at a better time or when they are more likely to spend the time reviewing your email. When they get your email the second time they might be more receptive. Using the proper application and feature can help you do so easily and quickly. We recommend resending the email communication 5-7 days after the original has been sent.

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