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White Label Email Marketing

Take control of email marketing with a flexible platform designed for your brand.
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Why is our White Label solution better than our competitors?
For starters, it's our ability to fulfill your organization's specific needs!

Our White Label solution provides a flexible and robust email marketing system that has the highest level of customization in the industry. Go beyond changing colors and logos - we can customize how the system actually works to suit your specific needs!

Ideal for Agencies, PR firms, Franchisors, Schools, Marketing Consultants, Web Design Companies, Property Management Companies, and any businesses that need to manage multiple customers, locations, representatives, or departments. Not only do we provide you with the tools you need to excel in email marketing, but technical support and experienced account representatives are also included.

Everything You Need for White Label Email Marketing.

White Label

Brand our email marketing software as your own. Your own domain URL, logo, brand colors, dedicated IPs, and Database  are all included. Unique to FireDrum, we can also highly customize the platform to suit your needs. Your customers can even login directly from your site! Neither your customers nor their email contacts will ever know we’re involved.

Brand Control & Consistency

Many companies experience problems while trying to control their brand identity and communications through email marketing. Achieve overall cohesive and aligned brand strategy without sacrificing flexibility in design and content. Control fonts, colors, images, and content within a centralized library of templates and assets.

Lockable Template Regions

Control key sections of email templates, yet still provide the flexibility of individuals or business locations to add their own content. Achieve central control with localized content.

Global Reporting and Analytics

Create roll-up reporting across all accounts. Our comprehensive reporting  will provide roll-up reporting across all users accounts for email campaign stats, contact subscription activity and engagment.

Push Campaigns

Reduce repetitive creation of content and email campaign scheduling. Create a single email and PUSH content and scheduling down throughout your entire system of accounts or sub-accounts.

Admin Dashboard

Manage all of your accounts in once place. Create an unlimited amount of accounts and sub-accounts. Login to any account, search contacts and run reports across all user accounts. Manage outgoing email campaign queue.

Automated Billing & Ticket System

Easily manage payment collection and set your own pricing. Manage your customers inquiries with a centralized ticketing system. Automate account suspension and reactivate accounts automatically when invoices are paid.

Template Creation and Management

Create and save templates - directly from our Email Studio - into the shared system library or individual accounts. Fully control template libraries, system-wide or for individual accounts. We'll provide you with a set of templates to get started.

Platform Upgrades

You'll never pay for new versions of our platform. Automatically receive system updates without needing to install any software or experiencing any downtime.

User Account Signup

Automate adding new accounts with signup forms that match your existing brand. New signups can be associated with an automated billing plan and to affiliate resellers.

Judge us by the company we keep.

Since 2001, FireDrum is your extended email marketing department. Lead your email marketing operations with a dedicated account manager from FireDrum. Our customers rave about our exceptional personal one on one support that you just can't get from other email providers. Whether you prefer Chat, Email or Phone communication we're always here to help you accomplish your email marketing goals!

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