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Email Marketing Tips:  Lead Nurturing

Email Marketing Tips: How Can My Business Increase Sales and Revenue with Lead Nurturing?

First, Defining Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the development of a productive relationship between seller and possible buyer through email marketing. In-depth research indicates that more than half of leads are not  fully prepared to complete their purchases. Nurturing these leads with automated email messages will  significantly increase a business’s revenue and success.
The majority of contacts that enter databases (both eCommerce and service businesses) are leads that must be nurtured into a sale. Marketers have the responsibility to build relationships with each client until they feel ready to buy. But how do you keep in constant communication with every customer? This lead nurturing process makes communication with leads automatic, instant and simple. It gives organizations the opportunity to build lasting relationships, without any disruptions.

Email marketing automation is an in-depth form of technology. Contemporary nurturing, as a result, is highly individualized. Automated email messages can adjust to various kinds of situations. It’s capable of listening to buyer feedback and is able to produce a quick, personalized message in response.
Contemporary nurturing gives people the chance to communicate with purchasers through numerous channels. Email is not the only tool marketers have available to them anymore! New advancements, such as the “personalization software,” makes lead communication much more convenient. These new advancements allow marketing specialists to nurture anonymous and faceless leads. This creates an unmatched, highly personalized experience for each customer.
These new advancements allow marketing specialists to nurture anonymous and faceless leads. This creates an unmatched, highly personalized experience for each customer.
Organizations striving to increase revenue should start focusing on their lead nurturing plan. Engaging customers for lasting periods of time will help the overall sales cycle and beyond.

Drip Marketing vs Lead Nurturing

It is important to understand that there are major differences between drip marketing and lead nurturing. Although similar, both approaches provide a difference experience for each customer. First off, you may be asking, what is drip email marketing? Like lead nurturing, drip marketing focuses on relationship building through direct communication. These drips, or pre-written messages, are scheduled to send to customers over a period of time. (Drips are most commonly sent in the form of an email or direct mail campaign).
Drip marketing simplifies the automation process for marketers, saving time and energy. Unfortunately, without the personalized experience lead nurturing provides, customer engagement may be lost. It is vital to keep track of your customers’ behavior and activity to successfully generate sales.
Drip marketing, however, does have its benefits. This automated messaging process often assists in generating sales from pending deals that have exceeded 2 -3 days.  Drip sessions may also be successful in locations that require more frequent communications in a limited amount of time.

The next article in this series will provide more details on how your business can benefit from lead nurturing, insights to increasing sales with lead nurturing and more . Read → “Lead Nurturing Equals Business Success.″
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