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racoon_garbage_old_content_new_purposeWith twenty four hour news cycles and content aggregators constantly churning out new information for readers to engage in, it can be difficult to refresh content and keep traffic flowing to a company’s website, or to keep an email list growing at a reliable pace. Luckily, there are a few ways to repurpose content into something that can re-engage with audiences and start driving traffic once more.

Turn it into an Infographic

By taking an old blog article and then chopping up its most relevant information into easily digestible chunks, all it takes to transform it into an infographic are some easily arranged images. Studies have found that online audiences prefer articles that incorporate a mixture of both visual imagery and written words.

Convert the Post into a White Paper

Converting a blog post into a white paper is oftentimes as simple as throwing a cover on it and building up the introduction and conclusion. By revamping it slightly and giving it a more professional look, a white paper can justifiably be gated off from other content and used as a means for generating new traffic and building up new email lists.

Use the Content for Advertising

By using the white paper as the basis for a new advertising campaign, businesses can craft a relevant and clickable ad on a relatively cheap budget. Best of all, old content already has a built in audience that can then be retargeted with the new version of the content.

Start a Campaign

While there are plenty of resources available for various email marketing strategies and general email marketing tips, email marketing campaigns can really start with something as simple as repurposed content. Of course, one of the keys to most successful email marketing strategies is to have a healthy mix of materials that are both for promotional purposes and those that provide value directly to the consumer.
By taking old content and reconstructing into a whitepaper, the business can then go a step further and engage potential customers directly via email with a link directly to the whitepaper. By signaling the content to potential customers via email preheader text, and then coupled with a little email personalization, the old content can now serve as a new gateway to customers that may not have previously been engaged with the brand.

Social Media

As effective as email marketing is, social media has become just as relevant in today’s fast paced world of content aggregation. By turning old content into a webinar, or sharing organic tweets about it on Twitter, social media can help businesses connect to potential customers that discover the company through their newsfeed. Just as constructing the perfect email preheader text was important while crafting the email marketing campaign, so too is it important to take time in crafting the perfect tweet.
Facebook ads are also great for cross-promotion and are an essential component of any modern email marketing tactics. As with the previously discussed email personalization, it’s important to also be aware of who’s being targeted with Facebook ads and to craft the company’s message around these new retargeting ads.

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