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Well, no one…except search engines! If you want to people to read your page on the web, you need to have plenty of incoming links pointing right at your site. Search engines value the quantity, quality, and relevance of these links.

How Search Engines Works and how they determine the “value” of your site.

Search engines are complicated, and have convoluted formulas to determine a website’s page rank. To find sites on the web, search engines have “web crawlers” to crawl the web through every link it finds. The search engines then apply their algorithm to the site and determine the page rank. Backlinks(or inward links) are always a part of this equation. To search engines, the number and quality of backlinks are an indicator of the importance and popularity of a site.
There are many other factors search engines consider, like the age of the site, URL name, image or filenames on the site, anchor text, and keywords in the content.

How do we create Backlinks

We do this by building links in relevant directories, submitting article and press releases.
By creating something that is a valuable resource for people. If you can create something that is the go-to place for information on a certain topic, the traffic will come.

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