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First of all I would like to thank everyone for attending. We had a great turnout with a lot of crowd interaction. I love a vibrant group…
The seminar last night was focused on Importance of Calls to Action. Now every marketer worth their weight should know what a call to action is. So why have this seminar? I wanted to focus on Optimizing that call to action in a web based world.
Why is this important?
In this interactive marketing medium web developers, search engine optimizers, and us folks that excel in the complete internet marketing game are met with new challenges when it comes to phrasing and language. I think this is totally exciting and embrace the challenge!
Interactive components and hyperlinks can be both content and navigation to inform and provide the action the user should take. This gives us many more opportunities to convert that potential lead into a CUSTOMER.
But only if we Optimize correctly…
I spoke at length last night about how to best optimize your call to action both on your website and within the push marketing medium of email marketing. Does you website prioritize the tasks you would like your reader to take? Or in other words is that first call to action, the action you want that potential customer to take? Many if not most of the websites I come across do not take this approach.
This is also true with the 1000’s of email marketing messages I view each week. I think it is a safe assumption only 10% are optimized correctly.
But how do you optimize an email?
It is as simple as the bullets below:

  • Create compelling subject lines
  • Use proper Call to Action Placement
  • Provide Relevant Content
  • Test your message
  • Measure your results
  • Revise all steps

Yet I am amazed how often ALL of these steps are overlooked!
What did I learn?
From my conversation with the group there is a real need and a desire to have more effective Calls to Action. More people than I thought are interested in how to not only Optimize their emails for Human eyes, but also Optimize their emails for Search Engines…
Ooooops done went and said too much… That topic is for another Bat time and another Bat channel… although if you dropped me a line and shared your Sour Patch kids with me, I might be inclined to tell you more…
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