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Ready for the holidays? You still have plenty of time to purchase all your gifts. You can even do your shopping as late as December 24, if you dare! But when it comes to holiday communication from your business or organization, now is the time to take action.
Sending holiday email campaigns is an excellent way for you to stay connected with your customers, clients, donors, or whoever is on your list. In this month’s article, we will start with a few tips for everyone, then explore some creative ways that retailers, B2B businesses, and nonprofits can incorporate email marketing into a holiday communications plan.
Three quick tips
1. Get started now – Your competitors aren’t wasting any time getting started with their holiday promotions, so why should you? Most businesses that benefit from the November/December season start sending their holiday communications the first half of November. Starting then gives you the chance to sell to the early shoppers and build awareness with the ones who will buy later.
2. Send throughout the season – You may have noticed that most large companies (retailers in particular) communicate frequently during the holiday season. Some send two or three different versions of a catalog, or multiple email promotions highlighting different products and specials. While you don’t want to communicate too often with the people on your list, sending consistent communications during the holiday months can increase sales, attendance, or donations. Make sure to be sensitive to the expectations of your audience.
3. Schedule it and forget it – Think through what products, promotions, and events you want to highlight (there are more pointers on promotions below) and then create a plan that includes what you will send and when. Pick a holiday template you like (we have plenty of free ones!), create a series of campaigns, and schedule them to go out on the appropriate days.
By planning, creating, and scheduling your email campaigns during November, you can put your promotions on auto-pilot and focus on your customers during the busiest time of the year.
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