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Is your website ready for the future?
If your website was designed over a year ago, it’s most likely due for a makeover. Recent updates in how search engines crawl web data, improved technologies, and new trends in social media may have caused your site to become outdated and stale. An outdated website may be costing you more than you think.
How to evaluate your current website and decide if a change is in order:


If your website doesn’t meet your current goals and motivate consumers to do business with you moving forward, you may need to update your content. If you’ve had multiple developers work on your site, you could have bad code written over bad code, which can cause breaks, errors and performance issues. You’ve probably made changes to your company’s outlook, goals and target audience in the past year which should be represented on your website. You should also have clear, effective calls-to-action which encourage consumers to interact with your site and don’t require an additional login.


If your website was designed using tables, it may be hard to read and harder still to find in search engines because of it. The same goes for sites built using templates or “site builder” programs. A custom-designed website can do wonders for your ability to be found online and can be built to fit any budget.

Landing Page

Are visitors welcomed to your site by a Flash intro or “Loading” page? These pages can cause slow load times, incompatibility issues and hinder your ranking in search engines. You want to avoid technical issues that keep prospective customers from seeing your site’s true message. Just because it looks “cool” doesn’t mean it serves a purpose and may actually be hurting your web presence.

Social Media

With all the hype, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the social media whirlwind. Don’t let that stop you from reaping the benefits. Your site will appear outdated if it doesn’t include social media links. Consumers talk about everything from art and construction to banking, health care and restaurants on social sites, and if your website isn’t represented there, your company is out of the loop.

Mobile Devices

More and more consumers are using mobile devices to search the web, locate businesses and make purchases. If your site hasn’t been updated recently you may be losing business because mobile viewers can’t find it, view it or interact with it. We can design a mobile web app based on your current or newly redesigned site.

Regular Updates

Does your business require that you regularly update your website? If you rely on a programmer to make these updates you could benefit from a site that uses Content Management software. These solutions allow your site to be updated by just about anyone, with very little technical training.
Ask your FireDrum Account Rep if your website could benefit from a makeover today, before the rush of the holiday season forces you to put if off until 2011.

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