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Singular VS. Plural

Does singular vs. plural make a difference?
Is one better than another or are they the same? Does it really even matter? It is a good question that so often people look over who are not experienced with keywords/adwords.  So, I thought I would investigate further and write about it.

Greetings from Dubai…

Yea you read that headline correctly. Yours truly has spent last week and this upcoming week visiting family and doing some business development. As you can imagine Dubai is an amazing place. To bring everybody up to speed, Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates...

Problem Solving Power

I think rule #1 when starting any blog is consistency. Well I guess that holds true in sports, business, marketing, etc… but blogging and internet marketing in general is kind of like exercise. It does you no good if you run 10 miles in April, then sit on your duff...
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