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With the beginning of the year, comes the end to football season, it’s common to want to use the championship game within your marketing; however, it’s important to be careful with your use of words because even the most innocent usage of the NFL’s most prized trademark can land you in hot water.
The NFL is notorious for guarding its intellectual property rights to the full extent of the law and with the Super Bowl approaching, it’s important to know what terms should be avoided, as well as some terms that are acceptable.

Unless you have clear permission of the NFL, you may not use the following terms or images within your marketing messages:

• “Super Bowl”
• “Super Sunday”
• The Super Bowl logo
• “NFL,” “AFC” or “NFC”
• “The National Football League”
• “American Football Conference”
• “National Football Conference”
• Any team name or nickname
Now, you’re probably thinking ‘what’s left for me to use?’ The following have been deemed acceptable and won’t get you sacked:

• “The Big Game”
• “The Professional Football Championship Game”
• The date of the game
• The names of the two competing cities, as long as the team names are not mentioned
If you are a restaurant, you must be extra careful with the way you promote watching the game at your establishment. Unless you have paid a licensing fee, you cannot state that your bar is “your Super Bowl headquarters.” If you are a retail location, be careful about your “Super Bowl Sunday” sale. Instead, link your sale to “the Big Game Promotion.”
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