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Somebody must be smiling down upon me lately. I am always winning stuff at networking events! Last week I was the Local First Arizona Mixer at Honey Bears’s BBQ in Tempe Arizona. That was some good local BBQ! The contest tonight was an attempt to meet everyone at the networking event by figuring out clues of the attendees. Well, I must admit I didn’t really take the contest too seriously, until they instantaneously created the category of Messiest…
Well I love BBQ and since my hands were already sticky I figured using my unused contest form as a napkin was a no brainer… And I won, Messiest…
The prize I won was from Julie Wright at Wright Choice Promotions, and they feature Earth Friendly Promotional Marketing products. My loot was great, I got a messenger bag, a pen, a shopping bag, a water bottle, a multi purpose tool, a pencil, a compass, and a book printed on recycled paper. The book was titled Greening your Office. That got me to thinking about other ways to green your office.
And the best way I know to go green is go online. Using your website as sales collateral, your Search Engine Optimization campaign as your customer awareness, and your email marketing as your direct communication are the best ways to create a green sales process. Yea Carpooling with your co-workers, Recycling, and turning off your computers at night might reduce your carbon footprint more than taking your sales process to your computers but not by much. And it will save on printing costs…

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