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We all know how important it is to have a web presence, but nowadays it’s not just about being on the web, it’s about being found on the web. No matter how good your site looks, it’s wasted if your online audience is too small. FireDrum can help you gain exposure with a few SEO best practices that are implemented with each website we design.

Here are some ways that FireDrum can get your website ranked higher with search engines:

Upon completion of a site, FireDrum submits your site to the “big three”: Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Next steps include submitting to directories such as DMOZ and creating a site map which also needs to be submitted to the big three.

It’s been said over the years that content is king and it still holds true today. When thinking about content for your site, place yourself in the shoes of potential customers and build content around what you think your target audience may be searching for within search engines. This keyword-rich content, when used correctly, can help drive traffic to your site. And speaking of keywords – keywords are hidden within the code of your website and they should cover search terms that your customers might use.

Stay tuned for other helpful SEO tips to optimize your web presence.

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