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As a follow up to last weeks, Rise to the Top, here are a few more SEO best practices to take your site to the next level. You may have heard, “looks aren’t everything” which is true to some degree. Yes, it’s great to have plenty of aesthetically pleasing photos on your website but without naming images correctly, it’s a loss opportunity to use keywords from your photos to drive traffic to your site. For example, if you sell toys, one image on your site may be of a fire engine you sell. Instead of naming this image “redtruck1.jpg” use a more descriptive title such as “Red_toy_fire_engine.jpg.”

Linking to your site is another way to increase your web presence. This can be done by getting involved in forums and discussion boards and linking back to your site. But beware of partaking in this activity for your friends or requesting your friends do the same for your site as search engines are wise to this tactic and disregard it.

You may have heard of Meta tags being used for descriptions, keywords and titles but it’s important to know how to use the Meta tags correctly. Meta tags are unseen when visiting a website because they are HTML coding elements that are embedded within the code. Essentially a meta description is a smoke signal for search engines to find your page and determine the relevancy of search phrases. Meta descriptions should be short and sweet, but remember that each page of your website can – and should – have a separate description.

In addition to the Meta tags, headlines are visible on your website and are also important for search engines so make them relevant, better still; make them feature your site’s keywords.

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