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I think rule #1 when starting any blog is consistency. Well I guess that holds true in sports, business, marketing, etc… but blogging and internet marketing in general is kind of like exercise. It does you no good if you run 10 miles in April, then sit on your duff eating potato chips when the May flowers are out.
What else can you do to have success with your blog? Well I was cruising around this morning looking for some good ideas to blog about and stumbled across this article from the online news magazine Slate.
Christopher Beam was discussing how the Transportation Security Administrations got so good at blogging. And what the government and the rest of us can learn about it.
Beam points out that the “Transportation Security Administration’s blog, entitled Evolution of Security, is everything the TSA is not—lighthearted, informative, responsive, and devoted to the needs and concerns of its customers.”
He goes further in noting that “It may also be the best model for government to engage citizens over the Web.”
I would take that a step further as this is not only a great model for governments but also for companies to engage their customers over the Web
I urge you to read the article and the blog to get the full effect of the power of a well run blog. What really stood out to me was the idea that a government agency, and in fact, all blogs need actual power.
Some examples sited in the article are when “the Evolution of Security commenters complained about having to remove all electronics from carry-on bags during screening in certain airports, the TSA put a stop to it.”
Beam also points out “when they kvetched about long lines, the agency created a new express-lane program.”
Obviously they do not take all suggestions as noted in the article when “One commenter asked TSA to focus more on invisible supernatural terrorists.” Which I guess since TSA isn’t going to do anything we are going to have to call these guys
And actual problem solving power is what is going to bring the most success to your blog. Allowing good and bad customer feedback and comments and addressing those concerns automatically. This direct engagement with your customers is going to not only improve their experience, but also increase your company’s Word of Mouth advertising tremendously.

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