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With a new year upon us, it is important to continue to stay up on the latest marketing trends. As you look at your 2011 marketing goals and set your new marketing budget, it’s important to stay current with consumer demands and maintain a successful internet marketing program throughout the entire year. I have compiled 5 resolutions that you should keep as we move forward with the New Year.
Over the course of the next few posts, I will examine one resolution per post that you should keep and if you need help, FireDrum is here to help you stick with it.

1. (I will) Make data the foundation of my marketing

Over the course of 2010, you probably heard a lot of industry buzz around “data.” But it’s important to distinguish the difference between collecting data and actually using it. Many times people collect it but aren’t quite sure how to utilize it but I don’t blame them. With so many outlets to market through such as email, text messaging, and social media,

Ways to take action

You’ve got data. Now what? Start implementing easy tactics to help you easily utilize subscriber information:


Making a change to the way you currently use data starts with an assessment. What data do you have access to? Where is it coming from? Understand what tools you have to work with before you take action.


Decide how you’re going to use your data. What do you want to accomplish? How often will you revisit the data? Start by setting specific goals.


After you’ve begun using your data, it’s important not to forget to measure your programs effectiveness. Measure often, adjust often, and test, test, test. Ultimately, you want to find out what is impacting your bottom line.


Use your data to work backwards. Once you understand what information is driving your click-through rates, find out what it is your subscribers are clicking through to. Build your marketing campaigns around this content and drive your users there.
The most sophisticated messages in the world won’t resonate with your customers if you don’t understand their preferences and behaviors. FireDrum Internet Marketing can help you understand your data and provide you valuable insight on how to tap into your target audience. Whether you need clarification of a report on an email marketing campaign or a helping hand understanding the analytics with your web site, FireDrum has a knowledgeable team to help you with all of your internet marketing needs.
Stay tuned to learn about making mobile marketing a part of your 2011 plan and other resolutions to keep this year.

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