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Do the following questions resonate with you or your company?

  • Our social media content is stale and boring. How do we create exciting and engaging material?
  • How do we keep up with posts and interact with people? How do we keep up with social media monitoring and develop our reputation?
  • I’m not even sure I need to use social media, my business seems to be doing fine but everyone says I should be engaged in social media and have a presence. Why?
  • I really don’t know what I am doing. How do I stay on top of the changing platforms of social media?
  • Who should be responsible in my organization for managing social media? Do I need to designate a particular person?
  • How do we craft blogs and original material if we are not writers?

If you continually find yourself asking these questions,
we have the answers for you!

For social media to be successful, it requires the following:

  • Constant communication between you and your potential and existing customers
  • Use of a variety of methods and communication tools
  • Engagement and content that resonates with your target audience
  • Integrated social media efforts into an overall online marketing strategy that includes your website, email campaigns, public relations plans, etc.
  • Constant monitoring, revisions, and measurement of progress and reach

Let us manage the writing, posting, and engagement process for you so you can pay attention to running your business.
Our social media package is affordable, convenient, and comes with our professional expertise.

Our packages include a variety of services:

  • 2 blogs a month on interesting and diverse topics
  • 3 social media posts a week on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram if needed)
  • Customer engagements with oversight
  • Advanced reputation management

Contact us if your social media plan is waning or you are in need of some guidance. We are inspired and ready to organize your social media presence and engage your customers with fresh and exciting material.

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Yes, send me tips on email marketing!

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