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The current economy has thrust marketers onto a sinking ship; companies are decreasing marketing budgets while expecting increases in revenue. Finding ways to cut costs while increasing your ROI can seem daunting, but the solution is quite often a simple one.
Allocating marketing dollars towards email marketing is the most efficient way to increase your ROI while reducing your costs.

  • Email marketing is 90% more cost-effective than most other methods of advertising.
  • Fast, efficient and current – Uploading an effective campaign can be done in a matter of minutes. By utilizing an immediate messaging system with your customers it ensures that your campaign is relevant and fresh.

  • Easy to use and easy to target – Email campaigns are easy to create and can be targeted to ensure delivery to the right audience. This specific type of targeting is unique to email marketing.
  • Email marketing is measureable – you can see who opened your email, who clicked on what, and how many sales/conversions your email generated. Unlike television ads or radio ads, you have distinct, in-depth reporting.

When marketing efforts count more than ever, the winning application will be the one that consistently yields good results in terms of ROI – that application continues to be email marketing.
If your company is looking to stay afloat amongst the vast sea of drowning businesses, let FireDrum be your life-raft. Our email marketing campaigns, which are custom designed to fit your needs, will help you retain and maintain a loyal customer base while increasing your ROI.

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