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The definition of all hat and no cattle is similar to all bark and no bite (or, a personal favorite of ours, all sizzle and no steak). All of these idioms mean the same thing – all talk and no action. Well, partner, it’s time to take action with some good ol’ email marketing.
Follow these marketing ABC’s to help grow your brand and your business by turning idle talk and wishes into some real cow tippin’ action.

A – Always get the email address

While email addresses may seem a lot like phone numbers, they can be a far more powerful tool. Though you may have the ability to craft a message that connects consumer goals and objectives to your brand, it’s those email addresses that are the key to communication. Collecting them must be a priority, and there are many ways it can be done. Here are some:

  • Put your newsletter or mailer signup form on your Facebook fan page, website (with a link on every page), newsletter or other pieces (always remember to include a description of the benefits)
  • Offer a premium, email-only special or other incentive with signup
  • Point-of-sale collection
  • Send signup-solicitation postcards or other surface mailings
  • Enter your signees in a drawing
  • Include a signup link in the signature of your emails
  • Utilize your packages to solicit signups
  • Use capture cards at tradeshow booths and other appearances
  • Advertise for signups on all of your promotional materials, stationery, etc.

B – Be brand centric

Your brand is your promise – a link between your name and what it stands for. It will help your target consumers (current and potential clients/customers) distinguish your product/service from others.

Two factors are essential to an effective branding campaign:

  • It must have distinctive style and content in order to effectively describe and differentiate you.
  • It must be delivered in its many forms consistently and repeatedly over an extended time period (as in forever).

A good-looking, custom-branded email template will help add to your promise of commitment. We are now offering 50% off the $295 price! Check out our portfolio and get started on your custom email template today.

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C – Content wins

Email marketing, the relevant type built upon reasons to buy,  is most people’s preferred form for receiving information, and will usually induce prospects to visit your website or contact you directly.

An attractive, distinctive, custom-branded email template will establish your brand visually and help build a level of top-of-mind awareness that consumers will remember when it’s time for them to make a purchasing decision. Along with pertinent content, it makes for a winning combination.

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