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Version 4.0 (Released November 11, 2013)
Special Promotional Prices

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Promotional rate applies for 1 year from time of upgrade.

New User Interface

We’re very excited to roll out our new more modern, user-friendly interface. In the process we’ve implemented numerous changes making our system even easier to use.
Changes and Improvements
Campaigns List

  • Search and Sort – When uploading html for a template or campaign you now have the option to automatically retrieve images that have an absolute URL image source.
  • Simplified List – We simplified the items listed under each campaign. Only one status is shown and the list of previous sendings in now relocated to the Reports area.

    We no longer use the term “Issue #” we simply reference by the Sending Date or Published Date of the Campaign.
View Members Window – When you view contacts you will not be taken out of your work flow. Members will appear in a pop-up style window which can be closed, keeping whatever you were doing still behind it.
Most Engaged Email Members – When you select to view contacts from a sending report the contacts will be sorted by Opens, Clicks and Bounces. In addition, these items will be highlighted so you can quickly see who is most engaged. In any member view the Opens, Clicks and Bounces will be highlighted.
Member Import – Import List now shows a small synopsis of contacts who where Imported, New, Duplicated and Invalid. You can now hide previous imports.
Exclude Members – Added the ability to exclude contacts from a sending.
DKIM Authentication – Helps with deliverability to Google.

  • Image Fetching – When uploading html for a template or campaign you now have the option to automatically retrieve images.
  • Default Subject – You can now set a default subject and optionally prevent it from being changed.
  • Sending Date Restriction – Optionally set a date range that a template can be used. You can also search the library by this date.
  • Improved Load Time – Viewing the template library is faster.
  • Document Hosting – Documents (e.g. PDF) can be assigned to a template so they are available when you create a sending. The document can then be downloaded by email contacts.
  • Delete Images – Remove images associated with a template without deleting template.
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