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Most internet marketers today realize that the best way to reach their customers is through email. But do you know how to create an email marketing plan that will convince your customers to buy from you over and over again?
First, decide which products you want to promote. Then, develop a plan for your product sales funnel, because that will determine your content marketing plan. After those decisions are made, you can create your email marketing calendar. Remember that all your email marketing should focus on promoting your products and services. Here are several steps you can take to make sure your email gets noticed and acted upon right away.

Create a Working Product Funnel

Think carefully about the ways in which your various product or service offerings are interconnected. Prioritize which products need to be introduced first to lay the groundwork for the others. You will probably notice there is a natural order of progression as you pull your customers through your sales funnel.

Design One Sales Page for Each of Your Products

The sales page needs to tell your prospective customers the benefits of that particular product or service. Keep in mind that customers don’t care what features the product has. What they want to know is how your product will benefit them. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what factors would cause you to buy the product. Chances are your customers will be enticed to buy for the same reasons. This is also the time to head off any concerns or questions they may have. Think of as many objections as possible and refute them right there on the sales page.

Create Separate Email Lists for Each Product or Service

Using your autoresponder service, you will be able to divide your email list into those who are specifically interested in each product or service. At the least, create an email list of people who will be sent to the home page of your blog, and then two separate lists for each of your products. One of these lists should be for people who want more information about that product and the other for people who purchase the product. This will help determine which emails they get in the future.

Create a Launch Calendar for New Products

By knowing ahead of time when a particular product or service will be launched, you will be able to decide which lists will receive information and announcements about that product and when they will be contacted. The launch calendar will also help you determine when to create lists, email marketing messages, blog posts, and sales pages for your product.

Create a Calendar for Publication of Blog Posts

Now that you have a product launch calendar, you can write appropriate blog posts and schedule them for publication. Make sure that blog posts are written to either promote specific sales pages or to target customers who have already purchased from you. As you are writing each message, keep in mind who will be reading it.

Create a Calendar for Publication of Social Media Content

Your social media messages should be set up in a series that will first attract readers and then get them to click on your sales page and eventually sign up for your email list and/or purchase from you.

Create Publication Calendar for Email

Now is the time to decide which emails you want to send out and when they should be sent to your customers. After you make these decisions, load them all into your autoresponder; make sure they are linked to the correct sales page and they will be ready to go.

Create Your Follow-Up Messages

Now is the time to create the follow-up messages for each of your products. After you make the sale, you will want to stay in contact with the customer so you can sell products and/or services to them in the future.
You have now created a plan of action that will ensure that every time you launch a new product it can be cross-promoted with your other products. This can be done without overwhelming your customers with too many emails, and will help increase your conversion rates. If you put all of your content together like pieces of a puzzle, you will be able to seamlessly promote all of your products and services, and you will have a plan to help you set up the promotion of each of your new products.

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