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An email address can say a lot about your businesses credibility. For example, would you be more inclined to respond to an email from or Chances are, you would choose the email address with the registered email address, because you would know right away who the email came from.
icon for emailIn my experience, I’ve seen many businesses go the route of using a free email service instead of paying for a registered email address, because well, it’s free. But what many of these businesses aren’t aware of, are the negative effects that a non-registered email address can have on their brand.
If you are thinking of or currently using a free email service for your business, here are some of the disadvantages you should be aware of:

  • Your business may appear less legitimate and lack credibility
  • Your business may look unprofessional
  • Your emails won’t reach their destination due to spam filters
  • You miss out on marketing your brand
  • Free email services do not always offer you the tools to be compliant with CAN-SPAM

Why You Should Use a Registered Email Address

Brand consistency is a crucial component to any business. And while free email services are easy to get and use, registering your email address is inexpensive, adds value and will help you avoid any pitfalls that could affect your brand.
If you still need more of a push to jump ship from your free email service, here is how your business will benefit from having a registered email:

  • Your business will look more professional and credible
  • You can build trust with your customers and prospects
  • Your branding and identity will be stronger and people will always recognize your emails
  • People can find your business by looking at your domain name in your email address
  • Your emails won’t get caught in spam filters
  • You can create separate email addresses to compartmentalize your incoming email if you have different departments

If you currently use a free email service and want to switch over to a registered email address for your business, contact FireDrum today and we can do that for you.

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