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Lately we seem to have a few clients step aboard who have received websites and SEO from some shady places. You know those places on the internet – give us $1 to get you on the front page of Google or better yet for $29.95 a month we will build you a website and make your profits grow with SEO. Well, these snake oil salesmen have other intentions for your website and unfortunately you are going to get burned.

If the offer is too good to be know the rest

If the offer is too good to be know the rest

It is unfortunate because these business have made sound decisions in running the enterprise however when it came to websites, SEO, online presence and brand they just wanted one result.
Get my business to the top spot…NOW!
A shortcut in web design, web presence, SEO or any other area is not a viable solution for any business and just plain-old, flat-out, any day of the week DOES NOT work.  If you are in a rush to build your web, get rankings and visibility because you believe this translates to dollars – you are 5% correct – 95% wrong. The 5% correct is true. Visibility can translate to dollars, however there are more factors involved than just putting up a cheap website and paying $1 to climbing online rankings to get the $$/leads to come in through your web and business.
I am talking about your brand.
Establishing a brand is a long term commitment that translates into other areas of your business. Branding is a process which creates a unique name and image for a product or service in your customers” mind. Using websites, logos, advertising campaigns and other marketing media you will begin to establish a consistent theme that resonates with your customers.
The mistake of purchasing the snake oil from the salesmen is it does not establish trust, resonate your message or really even make a long term commitment to establishing your website (your online identity- your online brand).
Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.  A dollar cannot get me listed on Google let alone get me on the bus or get a cup of coffee (Bus Fare in Phoenix – $1.75 one way — Cuppa Joe – $1.95 ($2.07 with tax) I have the receipt to prove it 🙂 )
So lets look at a few things about your company that can really translate well online and in daily business life.

  • Brand Relationship with your customers – How do they see you? Are you a quick stop or do you have a relationship with them?
  • Company wide branding and marketing strategies – What is your voice and how well do you communicate it out to the business world?
  • Reputations and buzz-worthiness – Do you have a buzz worthy product? This is great for PR, Search, Media Channels and Blogs!
  • Creativity and market relevance – How does your creative stack up against your competitors? The more knowledge you have, the more creative you can be.

Review your online and company brand identity and understand how it resonates with your customer segment and how it ranks with your competitors.  It takes the right marketing mix to effectively communicate, brand and market your message to the business world. Remember brand, marketing, reputation, SEO and creativity are intertwined with one another.  Their relevance to the web, interpersonal relationships and customer relations do get you that visibility which translates into dollars.
So, moving forward what do you need to do next?

  1. Take a look at our brand identity and web services:
  2. Answer the above questions and think about the changes you would like to see in your business brand and online presence.
  3. Come in to our office…..ask for our seo expert Max Sandoval or Jacob Lebo and lets start building and branding
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Yes, send me tips on email marketing!

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