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Groan and moan all you want, but face the facts – the holidays are approaching faster than a bullet train and sleigh bells are already ringing in your inbox. The holidays are the chance to add a little sparkle and fluff to your email marketing campaigns and promotions – which many marketers take advantage of. (Hint: I do usually write with so many cheesy phrases).

The economy may be down, but that doesn’t mean your marketing should be – You’ve heard us say it before: Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising and currently the only growing forms of advertising. October sound too early for Santa to pay you a visit? The majority of businesses begin their holiday pushes in mid October to early November.

Non-profit organizations can use this time to petition for support for their annual holiday fundraisers, elicit donations and find other ways to encourage support. Emails like “What Do You Get for the Person that has Everything? Donate in their name today”  etc. is a great example of how email marketing can become a stocking stuffer or make a great gift.

Lets review some tips and refresh a few of the basics

Holiday Marketing Tips and Practices

Compelling subject line: A slew of retailers, restaurants, organizations and others will storm our inboxes with offers, promotions and propaganda this holiday season. The trick is to be able to stand out amongst all your competitors when the pressure increases. The first thing a recipient receives when they look in your box is the subject line. Put this on your holiday list.

Address their needs – Needs vs. Wants -Don’t forget the basic principles of Giving them what they want – after all it is the holiday season

Be HONEST – Tell it like it is.

Holiday Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid:

Believe it or not, you can still screw up a holiday sale promotion – and many retail marketers do. Botched promotions can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed sales. After all look at the Jay Leno show and one of their most popular segments. Advertising that is wrong.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid like scrooge:
Over frequency: Many marketers increase the frequency of their promotions during the holiday season, but there are those that go overboard and overwhelm us with emails daily.

Pumpkins, cornucopia, turkeys, pilgrims, reindeer, Christmas trees, Santa – get ready for a visual overload of holiday propaganda. It’s daunting, it’s overwhelming – it’s the holiday season and its here whether you like it or not.

Last but not least – Fruitcake.
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