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How changes to Yahoo! and AOL will affect your deliverability

Yahoo and AOL have recently changed their DMARC policy to proactively protect their users from receiving fraudulent emails.*
What does this mean to you in English?  Yahoo and AOL will not allow email to be delivered to a Yahoo or AOL account if the user is using a “from address” that contains @yahoo.com or @aol.com.  If you are using a Yahoo or AOL “from address,” then your deliverability will be significantly affected regardless of which ESP you use for email distribution.
So what is the solution?
It’s only a matter of time before other ISPs, such as Gmail and Hotmail, make similar changes. So switching to another freemail provider is only a short-lived fix until these other free providers take on the same policy. Using an email address from your own domain is the only way to prevent future deliverability issues caused by sudden changes made by ISPs. If you do not have your own domain, now might be the time to register one.
Lucky for you, we can help!
FireDrum offers a robust hosting solution for your business complete with plenty of email addresses for everyone in your organization. By registering your own domain (yourcompany.com), you can combat unexpected policy updates and send from yourname@yourcompany.com without the risk of your messages being rejected. For as low as $120 a year, FireDrum can host your domain, allowing you to grow your brand, increase your online presence and improve the deliverability of your email communications.
Have questions or interested in setting up your own domain?

*You can find Yahoo’s announcement of the policy change and its effect on email service providers here.

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