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Social Enhancements
Is your business utilizing social networks like Facebook and Twitter to complement and solidify your marketing efforts? While Social Networking is not a substitute for email, direct and other marketing methods, it is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal and should not be ignored.

We have recently added Share to Social to our Email Marketing editor. This feature will automatically insert icons with links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so your subscribers can share your newsletters with their social networks. Then you can use our exclusive reporting features to track who's sharing your messages and how often.

Watch our Video Tutorial on inserting these links into your newsletter.

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Superstition and Marketing

When the thirteenth day of any month falls on a Friday, people take notice. Whether they seek shelter from random bad luck, like avoiding cracks in the sidewalk, or chuckle at scary movies, most are aware of the significance of the date and respond according
to their own superstitions.

In marketing, it's important to foresee the potential impact of your message and its timing in conjunction with holidays across local, regional and international customs.

While Friday the 13th may have no real significant effect on your ability to work, there are many people who respond to this day on the calendar by not driving to work, not eating out or not traveling at all. Give some thought to these practices and make sure your business is prepared, both for the superstitious among us and those who are not. Perhaps offer a special incentive to those who brave the day and eat at your restaurant or shop in your retail store. Maybe offer a special discount to customers who shop online instead of walking through your door.

As with everything in life, you can either capitalize on the situation, or be surpassed by someone who does.

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