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Creating valuable and creative content on a daily basis is a constant point of emphasis for us here at FireDrum. In 2014 we posted hundreds of pieces of information across social media, email, and our blog. We’ve provided tips, ideas, and actionable takeaways for a wide variety of internet marketing topics, tailoring our content specifically to what you’ve responded to.
In the spirit of the coming new year, we’ve rounded up FireDrum’s top 10 blog posts of 2014 (sorted by Pageviews):

1. 35 Subject Line Formulas to Boost Your Open Rates

Excerpt: “Understanding the psychology behind what makes an engaging subject line is the secret to successful email marketing. It will improve your results in nearly every aspect of your marketing”

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2. Video Boosts Customer Awareness and Increases Engagement.

Excerpt: “A key principle in basic communications is “show don’t tell.” Telling customers they need your product or service is never as effective as demonstrating in a visceral way that the product or service benefits them.”

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3. Purchased Email Lists: The Ugly Truth

Excerpt: “Building an email marketing list can be challenging and time consuming, especially if you’re a new business that is just getting started or trying to grow quickly. Unfortunately, many marketers take the easy road (or so they think) and purchase email lists to help grow their business without knowing the consequences that lie ahead”

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4. Navigating the Social Media World Got You Down?

Excerpt: “Contact us if your social media plan is waning or you are in need of some guidance. We are inspired and ready to organize your social media presence and engage your customers with fresh and exciting material.”

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5. How much is too much when it comes to Email?

Excerpt: “I know nothing feels better than to see how humongous your list is getting. Even I, take pride in building my own internal lists. There is something to be said to having more contacts then you did the day before. However, more is not always better.

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6. The Definitive 2014 Holiday Email Sending Schedule

Excerpt: “With the holiday season upon us, now is a great time to prepare for your holiday email marketing campaigns. During the 2013 29-day holiday season, eCommerce sales topped $20.6 billion. Consumers are avoiding the long lines and spending more time browsing and buying from the comfort of their home. With a successful holiday email marketing strategy, you too can have a piece of this pie.”

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7. 6 Ways to Boost Your Google PageRank Today

Excerpt: “With this oversaturation of the market and Google continuing to push organic search results further down the page in favor of paid listings it is becoming more and more difficult to get noticed on search engines without paying Google.”

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8. Is your WordPress site safe?

Excerpt: “WordPress has become one of the leading web platforms that powers millions of websites. Unfortunately, for WordPress, they have also become a major target for hackers. With news surfacing of a new vulnerability, WordPress users need to be aware of the vulnerabilities and the dangers of running an out of date or unsecured WordPress installation.”

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9. Why Spam Is Gross (and why not to do it)

Excerpt: “Besides being a beloved meat treat in Asia and Hawaii, it is an email communication that is unsolicited and unwanted. The CAN SPAM Compliance Act threatens up $16,000 per violation for a number of email no-no’s, however these are rarely enforced and it is Email Solution Provider that suffers from the sending of spam like communications.”

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10. Are you communicating your brand effectively?

Excerpt: “There are several technological innovations in email that are worth writing about. Any topic from deliverability, design, automation, customer segmentation, are worthy enough to focus at least one article on. However, I am a marketer at heart and I love the idea of branding. Digital marketing has provided us significant improvements in relation to customer tracking, profiling, and ROI analysis.”

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Which blog posts were your favorite? Which topics would you like us to cover in 2015? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you’d like to see!
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