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Released 1/29/2016

RSS to Email

Crank up your automation! With RSS to Email you can automatically pull content from RSS feeds and include them in your email. You can even send an email without having to manually update the email content. Combine RSS with Recurring Emails and you have a totally automated sending with new content every time it’s sent. RSS feeds can pull breaking news, your latest blog posts or the latest products from your ecommerce site. The possibilities are endless.

Recurring Emails

More automation! With recurring emails you can set a campaign to send itself Monthly, Weekly, or Daily. This is especially useful to those taking advantage of the RSS to Email feature – truly “Set it and Forget it”. If you have a constantly changing RSS feed and want to send out emails with updates, there is no longer a need to manually create a new email campaign every time a blog post changes or product is added to your ecommerce website.

Date Type E-Cards & Custom Fields

You can now add more Birthday or Anniversary E-Cards that send automatically on the date for that person. You can even create your own E-Card types, like Greek Name Day, or Half Birthday. Add any date fields you want and tie them to automated E-Card sendings.  We have also added options to send around the date, including after the actual day.

Online Help Guide

We have rewritten our Help Guide so it’s now even more helpful. Whenever you have a question you can refer to this guide under Help & Support in your account. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the Help Guide, feel free to contact support at

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