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Released 10/13/2015

Automatically Resend to Members Who Didn’t Open Email

We are really excited about this new feature! There are many reasons why someone may not have opened an email. Maybe due to bad timing or the subject line may not have enticed them. Often times you will want to resend an email to recipients who have not opened it. Now you can do this with a click of a button. When scheduling your campaign, just select the option to resend your email. You can even change the subject line, preheader text and the email delivery time; ultimately increasing your open rates.

PreHeader Text

A preheader is the short summary text that is displayed after the subject line when an email is previewed. Most email providers insert the first line of your email into the preheader. With FireDrum, you can now choose the text that you would like to be displayed in the preheader area. Here are some examples for what you can do with preheader text: extend the subject line, provide a coupon or an offer, thank the customer, summarize the email. Email recipients will use preheader text to determine the contents of your email. Therefore, you should use this as a tool to generate emotion and get people excited to open your email.

Social Share

Want to share your email on company’s FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn? We’ve added a one-click process to post your email campaign to your company’s social media sites.

Improved Import Reports

Imports can get confusing and we’ve made it simpler. The import report will explain, in detail, every entry in your import file. We have added a new process that will breakdown any errors in the import, who was added and who was updated; explained in a format that is easier to understand.

Test Emails Recipients History

Sending test emails to yourself and others can get repetitive. Many companies and organizations like to send a test draft to multiple people for approval. We’ve added a history feature for your test email sending. This way you can resend your test email drafts to recipients without having to retype or remember email addresses used in the past.

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