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Released 7/3/2015

Auto Created Thumbnail Images for Email Campaigns

Now you will see an image next to each email campaign automatically! Visually you can easily find an email and see what an email looks like without even clicking. Hover over the image and you with see an image of the entire email.

Download as PDF

Under Reports, download your email campaign as a PDF or as an PNG image! Great for including in your own reports or sharing with others.

Campaign List Changes

Emails sent previously are listed under each email campaign. Here you can view the email, see quick stats or launch into the full reports. Turn off this option if you prefer. We’ve also added new search filters – Search by Auto Senders or Triggered Campaigns.

Image and File Library Changes

Create your own Folders, Add Favorites and Track Recent History. Best of all, you can now access your Image and File Library directly from the Campaigns menu on the main navigation menu without having to edit a campaign.

User Feedback

On the top right of every page you can now voice your opinion about what you would like to see added or improved. We value your opinion and some of our best ideas come from you!

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