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Email Marketing Trends 2016Email marketing is known as being an ideal source for developing relationships with your customers. Creating a successful email marketing plan can ensure you grow your customer base and gain stable online growth. These email trends are already happening this 2016, and it’s best to get yourself ahead of the game by properly knowing how to use the latest with the email marketing world.

Crafting Emails for Mobile Marketing

A wide variety of users utilize their mobile phones and smartphones to browse through emails. Crafting an email for mobile phone view is very important, especially since there are so many people that are viewing the email on their phones and may close the email if it isn’t properly designed to be read on a phone. Going for graphics is great, but any message should have a balance in text and images. In 2016, even more people are using their phones online, and this is the time to start targeting both computer and mobile phone users.

High Response Rates with Incentives

It’s important to remember that response rates are higher when you properly address the type of people who follow your business. Find out what your viewers want the most. If you have a business selling specific products, many people would want to see a discount to let them feel as if they are getting value. If you have an online eCommerce store, many people find it very enticing if they see that there is free shipping available. Although many factors can contribute to a successful campaign; it’s commonly all about the discounts and amazing offers you can send in your emails.


Most people hate seeing those annoying pop ups when they visit websites urging people right away to join in and start typing in their emails. Lightboxes are great because they are very subtle and easy to use, and they don’t bother people too much. They very subtly pop up when somebody is using the website. Oftentimes, they pop up a few moments after somebody visits the site, and this makes sure people type in their email and continue to read the content right after. Don’t forget to offer an incentive, people are much more likely to participate if they get something back in return.

Feelings of Being Exclusive

Nothing beats having a professional approach to your email list and properly reminding your readers of the fact that they are a part of an exclusive group. In your subject lines, don’t be afraid to write down the same type of phrase every time. Something along the lines of, “Members only” or “Early Access.” This will help create exclusivity and create a sense of connection between you and your customers.
There are many different things to consider when crafting an email marketing message. With all the changes happening today, the key is to make sure that you are always up to date on the latest trends and best practices. These are just a few of the many different trends happening in email marketing right now, and attention to the details listed above will only help improve email marketing campaigns. The key is to tend to all the details so that you can maximize your effort and give your email the best chance for success.

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