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Email marketing terms everyone should know:

  • Blacklist – This is a list that organizations put together of IP addresses that belong to certain organizations or people who send numerous SPAM e-mails.
  • Click Through RateThis is a percentage of clicks your recipients actually click on a link you send them in the e-mail.
  • Conversion RateWhen sending out an e-mail, there is usually a desired action you are asking your recipients to do. The conversion rate is the percentage of people who actually do the task asked compared to the people who do not.
  • Opt-inThe recipient of the e-mail has given permission (i.e. opting-in) before you send the e-mail.
  • Double Opt-inDouble opt-in is the action of someone who opts-in for your e-mail, and is then asked one more time to confirm they are opting in.
  • E-mail Service Provider – These providers are equipped to help you send out mass amounts of e-mails with a single click. They usually will also have templates for you to pick from to help you design the layout of your e-mail.
  • Hard BounceA hard bounce is when you send an e-mail to an address that no longer exists.
  • Soft BounceThis is what happens when you send an e-mail, but the e-mail is sent back due to an inbox being too full. You can send these messages later on if need be.
  • Open RateThis is the percentage of people who actually open the e-mail. It is counted by an invisible image that is inside the message. A downside to this metric is that if a person is blocking your images they won’t be counted in the rate.
  • UnsubscribeThis is a link that allows your recipients to opt-out of your e-mail list without reporting you as SPAM.
  • SPAMSPAM is considered anything that is sent to you that is unsolicited. Because SPAM became so popular in the early 90’s, there are now laws against SPAM and there are more strict filtering techniques used by e-mail clients.

If you are interested in learning more about these terms or any others that I left off the list, please contact FireDrum today at 480-699-1524 or leave a comment.

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