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At the core of any marketing strategy is developing a low-cost, high-impact marketing program that can be leveraged to get consumers to realize the value of products and services. Social media is a strong marketing medium that connects people to your products. Email marketing is a powerful feedback mechanism for social media.
Are you thinking what we are thinking?
At the core of any social media strategy is email marketing. The two were made for one another like chocolate is to peanut butter. FireDrum Internet Marketing is now offering Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing in a low-cost, high-impact marketing program.
With FireDrum’s Social Media Packages you will receive:

  • In-Depth Social Media Monitoring and Reporting
  • Custom Social Media Portal
  • Priority Network Setup and Branding
  • Online Community Building
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Custom Blog Creation
  • Specialized Social Media Pay Per Click Management
  • With our Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing services combined, you will be able to drive greater conversions, enforce your brand, and turn social media into new customers and revenue.

By using our powerful FireDrum 3.0 email marketing platform and integrating your social media tools you will see how:

  • Email Marketing is at the center of any social media strategy
  • FireDrum’s ‘Share to Social’ capabilities can extend the life of your email and social campaigns
  • FireDrum’s Reporting mechanisms can help with customer feedback and monitoring effectiveness

So, what are the next steps? Give us a call at 480.699.1524 and let’s talk about your latest marketing venture and how we can help.

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Yes, send me tips on email marketing!

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