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icon27The distinctive marketplace value of an online newsletter is its content, relevance and the clarity and impact of its presentation.

Still a powerful outreach!

A perceptive reader can tell immediately if a newsletter will be of interest to them. This is why it is important to start with a heading (subject line and preheader) that clearly reflects specific subject matter and stimulate interest.
Most material with which people are confronted is of little or no interest to them. Frankly, this includes most email newsletters! This is precisely why a well-designed and skillfully written newsletter, directed to an appropriate audience, always has and always will be a particularly powerful marketing communication tool.

If a newsletter is among those in The Powerful Minority, it will be faithfully read and frequently shared and/or responded to.


People don’t want to unwrap stickers or tear-open envelopes to unfold documents. Also, most all of YOUR BEST PROSPECTS “live on” and constantly work with their computer or mobile device. This is why email marketing is the way to go.

Some special qualities of online newsletters:

  • Provide pertinent, useful information
  • Reflect expertise
  • Build awareness
  • Create website traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Establish trust
  • Foster ongoing two-way communication
  • Support and reinforce other marketing efforts
  • Create “brand fans” and referral sources
  • Introduce new offers and/or expose unknown offerings
  • Gather data
  • Inspire feedback
  • Grow contacts
  • Increase goodwill
  • Email marketing is proactive, rather than reactive
  • Brand differentiation
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Yes, send me tips on email marketing!

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