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FireDrum Marketing is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company focusing primarily on Opt-In E-mail Marketing.


It’s not about buying names of people with only a remote possibility they might be interested in what you’re selling – It’s about doing it intelligently. Building and executing a cost-effective email communication campaign with the right messages to the right people at the right time.


It’s more than simply sending an email to someone and hope they respond. It’s about being able to send thousands graphic HTML emails in a matter of minutes. Or when it’s time to send streaming media rich emails, it’s about knowing you can without looking for another solution.


It’s not about sending one email message and hoping you’ll make millions in a matter of days. It’s building e-relationships. It’s about seeing who opened your message. Who clicked on what web link? Who opted out? Whose email address is no longer valid? All in real time. It’s about knowing that your data is safe and won’t be sold to others or used by anyone other than you. And maybe most importantly, it’s about knowing someone is available to help. A company that cares about your email messages when you need marketing or technical assistance.

How do we make it so easy?

We built our technology from the ground up.
FireDrum has developed a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure: a sophisticated e-mail engine with the tools that allow us to deliver large scale E-mail marketing campaigns for our clients. Our solution, ultimately, provides robust options for targeted, personalized, and accountable management of your email club.
FireDrum technology is designed to optimize the user experience for all viewers – on any computer, regardless of e-mail client, operating system, or whatever software is installed locally. The steps are simple, the results effective.

  1. The recipient receives an E-mail.
  2. The recipient opens the message and the E-mail content is downloaded or streamed in from our servers. Images, links and text appear.
  3. If rich-media is included in your E-mail, sniffer technology determines the recipient’s actual bandwidth and optimizes the media stream to provide the best user experience when the “play” button is clicked. The media player is streamed with the media, requiring no player downloads, and ensuring that the widest possible audience can experience the content.
  4. Data is exchanged between the recipient and the FireDrum servers, capturing vital information as the recipient interacts with their message.

No Software to Install

Since FireDrum is a web-based solution, there’s no software for you to install or upgrade. Our service is platform independent. It doesn’t matter whether you use Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux or otherwise. Quite simply, you don’t need an I.T. Department to use our solution!

Tracking Response Rate

You can include links in your email messages to encourage recipients to visit particular web pages. And the trackable URL feature of FireDrum tells you not only how many recipients click each link, but it also identifies who they are. The result is more effective campaign management and faster, more effective follow-up.


We add a link that encourages contacts of your E-mail club to forward your messages to their friends and colleagues. We allow you to track who received these forwarded messages. FireDrum also makes it possible for those friends and colleagues to sign up for future email communication from you, and your list continues to grow.

Permission-based Communication

A generic or customized sign-up web page is linked to your web site so that visitors to your site can “opt-in” to receive email communication from you. People who subscribe to your email list receive your latest newsletter right away, confirming their signup. Each E-mail includes an “opt-out” link to allow recipients to remove themselves from the list – preventing anyone from being subscribed without their permission. Opt-out management is fundamental to the permission-based approach of FireDrum.

HTML and Rich Media E-mails

First we help you create it, and then we will send it. Our professional design team creates the E-mail and we deliver it as a graphics-rich message to your contacts. FireDrum is even capable of sending multipart messages (text and HTML together) that can include streaming audio and video, animations and more.

Always a Clean Database

If you have data coming from multiple entry points (sign-up forms, various department databases, etc.), it’s easy to have hundreds of duplicate records in your database. This leads to campaigns filled with multiple E-mails to individuals, a nuisance usually associated with spam. FireDrum cleans your data and ensures that each email address receives only one message.
FireDrum, a division of Turpentyne Productions, is a privately held company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company was founded in the fall of 1999.
FireDrum provides effective and intelligent email communication tools along with talented designers to help clients more effectively utilize email in their marketing mix. FireDrum provides effective and intelligent email communication tools along with talented designers to help clients more effectively utilize email in their marketing mix.


FireDrum is committed to protecting our customer’s privacy and ensuring our networks are protected to the greatest extent possible. We are always investigating new security products and monitoring industry trends and deploying a layered network security platform.
We approach the complex process from each of several key security categories: firewalls, intrusion detection, content inspection, anti-virus, URL filtering and virtual private networking, all of which provide us with the best technology to protect our customer’s information. Our success is attributed to our proactive method of deploying the most robust security measures available and staying ahead of the latest information security threats.
At FireDrum, we have complete respect for your contacts privacy, and we pride ourselves on meeting the requirements of MAPS and Europe’s Data Protection Act, DPA.

Our policy is simple:

We will not sell, trade, or rent any of your personal information. This includes your name, address, telephone number, E-mail address, and any other details you have given us.

Our Security Agreement

Everything we do is in strict adherence to the Best Practice principles developed in conjunction with Peppers & Rogers, the world’s leading authority on one-to-one marketing.
Our Best Practices include:

  1. Only sending e-mails to those who asked to receive them (opt-in)
  2. Asking customers how often they would like to get their e-mails
  3. Always including an “unsubscribe” button on every e-mail we send out
  4. Never selling or giving away any of your customers’ information
Yes, send me tips on email marketing!

Yes, send me tips on email marketing!

FireDrum will never share your information.

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