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Reach More Clients Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is an affordable and effective way to grow a better relationship with your clients. Almost everyone can benefit from creating an email marketing account – whether it’s their goal to gain more brand exposure, retain existing clients, or make new sales. It all sounds great but you’re probably wondering “how can it help my business specifically?” Our email service can be used for more than weekly newsletters or promotions. Explore the benefits and learn how FireDrum can help your business by scheduling your free walk through with our email specialists.

First, Email Marketing Explained.

Email marketing is a branch of internet marketing that can be used to feature your products, services, blog posts, and more. Many relate email marketing to direct mail – it’s a simple, but visual way to communicate with your clients. The benefits? There are no mailing fees and your opens/conversions are trackable. With the right configuration and steps to optimizing your sendings, you’ll land directly into your subscribers’ inboxes. The main goal of email marketing is to allow business to keep their customers connected, tailor to their interest, and generate new sales.

The annoying messages you have in your spam folder are a good example of what email marketing should not be. Under the CAN/SPAM act of 2003, it is illegal to send spam to someone. DMARC records and CAN/SPAM laws that email providers must be compliant with help filter out these type of messages.

How Email Will Benefit Your Business

Every one of our clients finds a unique use for our software but they share all share a similar opinion. Email marketing is a great tool for their business! Not only is it affordable, but it’s simple to use and easy to track user behaviors. Compared to other types of marketing, email marketing is an inexpensive method of advertising with a high ROI.
With a FireDrum account, you can create and send everything from weekly newsletters to custom drip campaigns and event announcements. These varying campaign types and features give flexibility and power to all sorts of businesses. Customize your own email templates and modify imagery/content with a few clicks of the mouse.

Adapt to Specific Clients

Personalization (without the time investment) is possible with email marketing. Automated drip, trigger, and welcome emails allow business owners to stay connected with their subscribers while still pushing relevant and personalized content. Imagine this, you got a new subscriber signup from your website when they completed a purchase for new sunglasses. Without skipping a beat, you can send an email that thanks them for their purchase and encourages them to explore/buy more of your products. Awesome, right? This automated method increases customer engagement and boosts sales.

Build Customer Loyalty

Email marketing is a non-intrusive and well-used tool that can be optimized to build customer loyalty. What better way to connect with your clients than to send weekly/monthly updates? Highlight your brand while sharing company stories, new product developments, and featured goods.

Save Money While Making Money

FireDrum offers highly competitive pricing. On average, clients who switch from other platforms save about 50% in software pricing. Choose a plan that matches your subscriber count and easily upgrade/downgrade as you go.

Better Understand Your Clients

Email analytics reports offer valuable information about user behavior and interests. Understand your campaigns and consumers through our advanced reporting tools. The data you collect will help you form more effective campaigns and better landing pages that are tailored to your subscriber’s interests.

Keep All Platforms In-Sync

Social media is another segment of internet marketing. And as you’ve probably noticed, there has been an increased use and display of advertisements on social channels over the years. So, how does email marketing make its statement in the social world?

  • Give your clients another way to engage. Unfortunately, no all of your email subscribers will see and/or open your email on the first send. Our auto-post to social media tool will give your consumers another way to see your message without having to take any extra steps. Configure all messages, titles, and thumbnails directly in our editor for simple publishing.
  • Encourage customers to join the community. By adding a social share block to your campaign, you’re encouraging your clients to check out your social media pages. Place the block strategically or make it a statement in your campaigns.
  • Saves & shares drive more traffic. With the cross-posting social feature in our editor, you’re giving consumers another way to engage and presenting yourself to new potential clients. Every click, like, and share on your ‘email post’ drive more traffic and exposure to your website.

Final Thoughts & Tips

  1. Don’t be “that guy.” Follow all CAN/SPAM laws to keep your emails out of the spam box.
  2. Compare pricing of different email marketing providers before signing up for a specific software. You may find our software prices the most competitive and affordable during your research.
  3. Add social share blocks and configure auto-post to social media to sync your channels and improve overall consumer engagement.
  4. Take advantage of our advanced reporting tools. The data you capture will help you create more effective and attractive campaigns moving forward.
  5. Schedule a complimentary walk through with our email experts to learn more about how our platform can benefit your business.
  6. Use email marketing to build better relationships with your clients. This type of marketing is an inexpensive way to connect with all of your subscribers in an automated and personalized fashion.

Let us help you create a solid email strategy. Our email marketing experts are here to help and support you along the way. Utilize our tools and consult with our email experts to bring your campaigns to the next level.

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Yes, send me tips on email marketing!

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