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Managing email deliverability is a necessary part of being a modern day email marketing manager. In addition to the other factors that go into successful email marketing, deliverability isn’t something that you should let fall by the wayside. Improving on email deliverability can have a substantial positive impact on email marketing performance.
Just think about it: If you could get your emails into the inbox and avoid the spam folder, it would change the course of your email campaigns. If users begin to unblock you instead of block you, the results of your efforts will show.

What if I Can’t Do This?

Perhaps you don’t believe you have the know-how to do this. Maybe your busy schedule won’t allow you to dedicate time to improving email deliverability. Fortunately, we provide expert Deliverability Strategy services to assist in your campaign building process.  We have various levels of support at help with your marketing needs and budget.

The Solution

Deliverability strategy services are valuable  for every company that is involved with email marketing. We have the knowledge and are constantly educating ourselves on the most recent developments in the ever-changing digital marketing field, such as recent changes in spam filtering parameters at Gmail. We know how to quickly and efficiently maximize deliverability for your email platform through our detailed data and reporting. Improving your deliverability strategy can get you off of blocked lists. Even more importantly, it will prevent you from being blocked and filtered in future campaigns. We will work with you to create a long-term plan for getting your emails into inboxes and seen by your subscribers.
In addition to our reporting, we’re able to access essential mail data, such as bounce rate, complaint rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribes. Having direct access to this data gives us the necessary information we need to make actionable recommendations. These recommendations are based on what will work for you, rather than on industry best practices. This way, you’re saving time and  focusing on what you do best. After all, this is what we do best.

The next article in this series will cover Deliverability Metrics. We’ll discuss how monitoring engagement and traditional deliverability metrics improves your marketing. → “Deliverability Metrics… What Do I Need To Know?
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