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I attended the Business Smartz Educational Workshop held by the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce this Tuesday morning. It was a pretty great event. The topic was Internet Advertising Essentials and Jennifer Meyer from AZ Central was sharing her knowledge with the attendees. Most of the morning we were stuck on semantics; what is an ad rate, what constitutes a click through? I must admit I did get a little bored, but Jennifer’s smooth style of presenting kept me engaged. Especially when she said this “I expect you to speak back to me the way I spoke to you”…
I think I got that right? Maybe if Jennifer reads this she can clarify it for me. But anyways that’s what I heard and that resonated with me a couple different ways. See Jennifer was speaking about marketing messages. Customers want to be communicated with the same way they are communicating to you. How are the majority of customers finding out about your goods and services? Most likely potential and current customers are finding out about your business online. So customers are finding and communicating to your business through their computers….
If Jennifer’s adage holds true, which I think it does, and I am the one writing the blog, then these customers expect to be communicated back to through their computer. And there is no more effective way to communicate back to your customers than through permission based email marketing. Customers are going to find your business online, or else they are going to find your competition. When they come to your website to gather more information you should have a compelling call to action to capture an email so you can communicate back to them, the same way they contacted you. Online.

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