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The holiday season is usually the busiest yet most profitable time for businesses. In 2017, many retailers saw a huge jump in their holiday season sales. While offline in-person sales saw a boost, many online stores saw a much larger boost in sales. Because of more people shopping online for the holidays, the shopping frenzy starters earlier every year. Some people start as early as October. Which is why businesses need to think ahead in their holiday email marketing strategies and take advantage of rising shopping trend. The only thing is that many businesses end up making the wrong mistakes in getting people’s attention.
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Why You Need to Emphasize Holiday Email Marketing

If you have an ongoing list of email subscribers, you should know that nearly all of them rely on their smartphones and tablets throughout most of the day. According to Forbes, last year was where mobile was the marketing hero for holiday shopping. That is because a majority of consumers were using their smartphones to do research on products and pricing. During this time, any company can boost their sales by keeping their customers interested with enticing holiday email marketing campaigns.

Scary Good Email Subject Line and Preheader
Scary Good Email Subject Line and Preheader

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Ways Email Marketing Can Make Holiday Sales Skyrocket

One of the best parts of effective email marketing during the holiday season is its versatility. You can capture your list of email subscribers’ attention in a variety of way. Which is good since one single approach won’t garner everyone’s attention.

Send out emails with Instant Buying Options

During the hectic shopping season, most people are looking for convenience and a deal. That’s why a number of your business’s email list will be enticed by a clever offer with a call-to-action button to that allows them instantly buy what you are offering.

Capture your Email Subscribers with a Variety of Options

During this upcoming holiday season, businesses can find ways to grab the attention of their customers with different kinds of emails.

  • Ongoing and upcoming holiday sales.
  • Exclusive coupons that can be used online and/or in-store.
  • Email invitations to specific holiday events.
  • Specialize guides to holiday shopping for everyone on their list.

Additionally, well planned out holiday email marketing strategies can be intertwined with other digital marketing campaigns your business is planning to do during the holiday season. For example, you can use email marketing to raise the attention of your social media events or increase awareness of a charity your business is doing this season.

Creating Attention-Grabbing Emails for the Holidays

Maximizing your business’s engagement, click-throughs, and sales while outdoing your competition may sound like a challenge during this holiday season. However, it’s quite simple if you remember in our previous guide on what to do and what not what to do while constructing your emails. Using that guide, you should be able to engage your subscribers with the right kind of holiday email marketing campaign. If you don’t know where to start, consider the following guidelines.

1. Organize Your Emails and Refrain from Reusing Last Year’s Content
Your emails aren’t something you can put together and hope your subscribers like it. It is something that needs to be planned ahead. From the type of content the email offers, to whom you are sending it to, to even when want to distribute these emails. Organization is the key factor in starting off a successful holiday email marketing strategy.

The most common mistakes that businesses do when it comes to reaching out to others via email is rehashing old content. While content is king, reused content is not. You need to be more unique every holiday season. Consider new offers, new text, updated images, and other pieces of content that will draw your customers back for more.

2. Use Clever Holiday Themed Subject Lines and Openings

Emails with personalized subject lines are more likely to be opened than generic using ones. After all, first impressions are always important. That being said, adding your subscriber’s name to the subject line can help boost engagement in your holiday emails. Other ways to grab their attention from the start is using emojis like stars, snowmen, and other holiday-related icons. This is because emoticons and emojis actually increase the chances of emails being opened.

Aside from subject lines, the starting text of your emails can make or break your email. Generic greetings like “Merry Christmas” and “Hello” will turn off subscribers and throw away your email. Take the time to personalize each email through tags, text, and images, as a little more effort can go a long way.

3. Don’t Overdo it with Images and Text

While it might seem like a good idea to have a wall of text and a large flashy image, it doesn’t help the reader much. If anything, large images don’t help consumers click on the vital call to actions or links that direct them to your goods/services. The same can be said for emails with walls of text. People’s attention spans are shorter these days and if you send them an email with walls of text and images, it’s very likely they won’t engage. Keep your holiday emails simple and to the point.

Is Your Email Marketing Ready for the Holiday Season?

An effective holiday email marketing campaign is easy to perform as long as your business puts the effort in and avoids the common mistakes others make. As long as the plan is organized accordingly, your holiday season should be stress-free and prosperous.

Don't let the rest of the holidays sneak up on you, download our 2018 holiday email guide!

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