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So I gave another presentation today about Internet Marketing. I am really getting into this public speaking thing. I was talking with contacts of the Arizona Trucking Association about a general overview of how FireDrum views Internet Marketing. Big thanks to the ATA for having us out. I was just doing my normal routine, comparing houses to websites and Search Engine Optimization to buying real estate…
It is a great analogy, if you want to hear it in full, give me a shout. Anyways, I wrapped up my section of the presentation and was followed by two gentlemen that are extremely knowledgeable in the realm of Social Media. These two guys Michael Hayes of Momentum Specialized Staffing and Bret Wingert of Souvia Tea are knowledgeable because they have real world experience since they use Social Media everyday for their businesses.
At the end of the presentation in the Q and A section of the morning we started to feel some resistance to change…. Arms were crossing and brows were furrowing amongst the audience. Should my business be on MySpace? What do I do when someone requests me to join Facebook? What has been your return on investment, and how long should I spend on social networking? Uhmmm….. No, Ignore it, and Not much…
See don’t get me wrong, I am a Facebook addict and you personally will probably find value in having a Facebook page. I seriously could check it like 8 times a day. I love the concept of social media, and feel that it is the way of the future, but for the majority of businesses my house/website foundation analogy applies for your entire Internet Marketing presence. It goes something like this. If you don’t have a strong foundation, your house will fall down. Same with a website, if the foundation (the parts you and your customers will never see) is not strong your website will essentially fall down.
This holds true for starting a social media campaign for your business as well. If your Internet Marketing presence doesn’t have a good foundation with a strong website, a deep Search Engine Optimization campaign, and an effective follow up email marketing campaign, do not even think about adding that Social Media addition to the second floor of your business.
Again big thanks to the Arizona Trucking Association and to Michael and Bret that presented with me. Rest assured Momentum and Souvia have strong foundations.

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