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On Tuesday night I completed the 2nd seminar hosted at Entrust Arizona, entitled Blogging for SEO. As per a seminar hosted by FireDrum a rousing discussion of the evening’s topics always takes place and is encouraged.
This discussion was wide a varied, and while we kicked around technical aspects of the blog, I was really interested in the how to mentally prepare for blogging and the biggest factor is to…
Being fearless when blogging can mean a lot of things:
Getting over that “Nobody wants to hear what you have to say”
Yea you are probably right, but no good author, Twain, Hemingway,  HST, the list goes on was a read author right away. They built up credibility through writing, just like how you are going to have to do.
or how about this doozy “I don’t have anything to say”
Really, you have no passions, hobbies, or even enjoy your work? Most people who blog in business are the business owners themselves, and if you stick to what you know, servicing clients, service offerings, success stories, best practices, industry trends and news, then you will quickly find you do have A LOT to say.
Here is another favorite “What if someone doesn’t like what I have to say?”
This was the topic of discussion with the group for a nice chunk of the evening. The bomb lobbers, haters, keyboard warriors troupe…..
So frustrating, you as a blogger are out there meaningfully contributing to the conversation in your industry and some bully behind a keyboard comes by and drops some rain on your parade. Now grated unless you are writing about controversial topics you are not going to run into much resistance however if you do, we had some great suggestions, examples and discussions for what to do:
Ignore it
Respectfully comment back
Or Ignore it and let the crowd source it and rebuke the hater (Definitely the best)
And what not to do:
Retaliating with some equally heavy words either through a comment or a direct message
So it boils down to this…
FireDrum can set you up with the most amazing, optimized, blog on the planet. It will look and feel just like your website. We can incorporate Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing integration and make it extremely simple to update and use.
But really at the end of the day, the only way to blog success is to BE FEARLESS, well that and stick to a schedule, but you should have came to the seminar to hear about that…

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