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Introducing FireDrum’s Business Directory & PowerListings Solution

In today’s competitive online marketplace, when it comes to information, people expect nothing less than accuracy. Indeed, misinformation can be the difference between keeping and losing a customer. But accuracy can be elusive, particularly when your brand lives in so many discrete destinations.

FireDrum has the proven expertise to make sure your business information is correct, consistent and convincing. Everywhere. FireDrum’s Business Directory & PowerListings Solution analyzes, identifies, and controls existing business listings of your locations through our unique publisher network, so all of your content is accurate, synced, and up-to-date across every digital channel.

Consistent Business Listings

FireDrum’s Business Directory & PowerListings Solution easily syncs, updates and verifies your business listings across 50+ major publishers such as Google+, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, MapQuest, Yelp and Foursquare. This service will allow us to identify inconsistencies and correct them within a 72- hour period. Keeping your business listings accurate, with the right description, contact information, recent photos, and an up-to-date promotion will differentiate you from your competitors and generate valuable exposure, direct calls and visits.

Automatic Duplicate Detection and Suppression

Having duplicate business listings appear in search engines can be harmful to a sites SEO and confuse consumers who are trying to find you. FireDrum’s Business Directory & PowerListings Solution not only removes duplicate business listings, but redirects all duplicates to the correct listing.

Email List Building Through Special Offers

FireDrum’s Business Directory & PowerListing Solution enables you to not only keep your business listings accurate and up-to-date, but also gives you the opportunity to instantly create and send a “Featured Message” to every publisher in our network that supports promotions. This featured message can contain special offers, promotion codes, discounts, deals and more – all in exchange for opting into your email list!

Track Reviews across the Web in Real Time

Social media has become a main hub for customer feedback, and knowing what your customers have to say about your business is important. PowerListings social forum makes it easy to stay on top of customer reviews with features such as the number of reviews, which site the review is on, reviewer rating, notification as reviews happen and the option to export all reviews.

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