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Small business owners who take the time to develop a Christmas email marketing strategy can significantly increase their company's sales during the holiday season. While email marketing does take advance planning and strategic thinking, the rewards can be substantial for savvy business owners doubling down on email outreach. But where do you start if you're unfamiliar with Christmas email marketing as a small business owner? Consider integrating the following seven types of emails into your Christmas email marketing strategy and chances are excellent you'll be impressed with your results.

1. Black Friday Announcement

Sending a Black Friday announcement email is an excellent way to get your email subscribers in the mood for Christmas shopping. Be sure to include information on how long your Black Friday sale prices are in effect and whether quantities are limited.

2. Christmas E-Commerce Promotions

Christmas e-commerce promotional notifications are another essential email small business owners should send to their loyal customers. While you might have in-store sales, offering special deals specifically for your online customers can help attract attention to your website and e-commerce offerings.

3. Holiday Sales Announcement

Speaking of Christmas promotions, don't hesitate to offer holiday savings to customers visiting your brick-and-mortar location. Sending an email about Christmas specials available to walk-in customers can increase your foot traffic and boost overall sales.

4. Holiday Hours Update

If your small business is going to be closed during the Christmas holiday season, be sure you notify your email subscribers via email. Whether you're closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day or you plan to close for an entire week, your customers will appreciate being informed of your absence. This is also a good time to update customers on late openings or special 'Midnight Madness' sales your small business is participating in.

5. Christmas Party Announcement

If you're hosting a gathering at your small business to thank customers for their patronage throughout the year, be sure to send out an email announcement for your Christmas party. Include information on time, location, and whether food will be served.

6. Charitable Giving Update

Small business owners who make charitable contributions during the holiday season can earn goodwill that lasts throughout the year. If you're planning to make contributions to a charity during the Christmas season, send out an email to your subscribers and ask them to consider supporting your preferred charity too. This can help raise funds for your preferred charity and introduce your customers to worthy causes in their neighborhood.

7. Holiday Thank You Letter

One final Christmas email small business owners should send is a thank you letter to their customers. Today's shoppers have a multitude of online and offline shopping options at their disposal. Taking the time to thank your customers for supporting your small business can go a long way towards encouraging repeat business.

These seven Christmas emails can offer significant rewards to small business owners. For a small investment of your time, you can attract attention to your company, build goodwill, and potentially increase holiday sales too. What are your thoughts? Will you be upping your Christmas email marketing game this year?

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