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Websites can greatly benefit from a WEB REDESIGN and an enhanced on-page SEO elements and effort based on today’s web standards. Not only designing the site to be to more end-user engaging but to also focus on enhancing the sitemap and utilizing the current Blog content and adjusting on page content for maximum benefits.Creating backlinks in which other prominent websites link back to your site will greatly increase rankings, visibility and scope of natural campaigns.


 Internet marketing should be a phased approach based on creating some Pay per Click campaigns in the short term while creating a comprehensive social media identity that will serve as a medium term campaign.  This includes linking to several social networks and managing the message in regular intervals to improve backlinks, SEO benefit, and to establish a voice in a large new market.

SEO should be considered the longer term campaign that can be applied evenly over time.  Results vary from 1 to 4 months as new content is collected and distributed by various search engines and directories. As the results start to establish a growth pattern, increased efforts to improve page rank, ad campaigns and click-through rates (CTR) will result in increased efficiency, exposure and ROI.  SEO is responsible for natural/organic clicks that are free of charge once the mechanism is in place.Priorities should include SEO enhancements, social media PPC, social media setup, and off page SEO efforts.  A diversified approach focused on these techniques, will help create a mechanism for stable growth and deliver the marketing messages to many new internet markets.


FireDrum Internet Marketing provides monthly reports including links, passwords and tracking mechanisms that are provided at the end of each month in addition to a review of the analytic data.

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