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“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” – Doug Kessler

I am a firm believer that the success of an email campaign is highly dependent on its content. As someone who has been both the marketer and the marketed, I can rightfully say that if you aren’t writing content that is relative and has value, then you can expect your emails to quickly find their way to the spam junkyard.
However, writing good content can sometimes be challenging. I can most definitely attest to that! After putting together many email campaigns, I still encounter writer’s block because I get stumped with what to write. Usually when that happens, I realize that it is time to come up with some fresh new content ideas.

If you too find yourself staring at the blinking cursor on your screen, completely out of ideas as to what your next campaign should be out, these 10 content ideas may help you get the ball rolling.

10 Unique Content Ideas for Your Next Email Campaign

  1. Highlight the latest news, projects and awards from your company.
  2. Feature successful client stories or testimonials.
  3. Share frequently asked questions from clients.
  4. Create helpful how-to videos or articles in your industry of expertise.
  5. Talk about any charitable groups that your organization works with.
  6. Discuss important industry news and add your take on it.
  7. Recap 3-5 important things you learned or took away from the last event you attended.
  8. Update your customers about any company milestones.
  9. Repurpose content taken from live events such as seminars and webinars.
  10. Promote any events that your company will be hosting in the future

Whether your content needs a little freshening up or not, coming up with new content ideas is a healthy part of any email strategy. Doing so can only help improve overall conversion and keep your subscribers engaged in your emails.

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